Members and Secretariat of the Welsh Language Tribunal

The Tribunal operates through its members and its secretariat. Both work together, when dealing with cases, each doing different jobs.


WLT is headed by the Tribunal’s President. The President is responsible for organising the work of the members, and for making certain decisions in relation to appeals and complaints. The President of the Tribunal is appointed by the Welsh Ministers and must be a barrister or solicitor of at least ten years' experience.

Tribunal hearings are conducted by a panel, led by a chairperson, who must have a legal qualification. The chairperson presides over the hearing and writes judgements, in accordance with the decision of the panel. The chairperson may also deal with some procedural matters, including giving directions where necessary. 

Lay members also have an important role at hearings. These members have been selected for their knowledge and experience of life in Wales as well as their ability to decide the cases that come before them fairly, on the basis of the evidence. Members may ask questions during hearings and decide the case, together with the chairperson.


  • Iwan Jenkins

Legally-qualified member

  • Rhodri Williams KC

Lay members

  • Isata Kanneh
  • Sara Peacock
  • H Eifion Jones
  • Glenda Jones


The secretariat is responsible for Tribunal administration. The secretary is the head of administration. The secretariat will deal with registering your appeal or complaint, write to you for more information, and be able to tell you when and where your appeal or complaint is going to be heard.

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