Reviewing or appealing against a Tribunal Decision

An application to the Tribunal for a review of a decision, or an appeal against it, can be made on the following grounds.


A party may apply to the Tribunal for a review of its decision on the grounds that:

a) the decision was wrongly made as a result of a material error on the part of the Tribunal administration,
b) a party, who was entitled to be heard at the hearing but failed to appear or to be represented, had good and sufficient reason for failing to appear, or
c) there was an obvious and material error in the decision.

An application for a decision of the Tribunal to be reviewed must be made in writing stating the grounds, and it is received by the Tribunal no later than 28 days after the date on which the decision was sent to the parties.

Appeals to the High Court

A party may, with the permission of the Tribunal or High Court, appeal to the High Court on a question of law arising out of the decision of the Tribunal.

We must receive your application for permission to appeal to the High Court within 28 calendar days of the date on which you were notified of the Tribunal’s decision.  It is a matter for any person considering an appeal to take their own legal advice.