Practice Direction 1 - Rule 10 - Application Form

Welsh Language Tribunal

Rule 10 of the Rules provides that an application to the Tribunal must be started by submitting to the Tribunal a written document (notice of application). Rule 12 prescribes the information which must be included in, and with, a notice of application.

The purpose of this Practice Direction is to publish a form which, when used by an applicant, will assist the applicant (or the applicant’s representative) to conform with the requirements of Rule 12. That form should be used to submit a notice of application.

It is not a legal requirement to use this form. An applicant may supply the information prescribed under Rule 12 by some other means. However, the use of this form will:

  • ensure that all the required information is given
  • assist the Tribunal to consider that information in the most consistent and effective way possible.